Sunday, November 06, 2005


When dinosaurs roamed...

I ran home earlier to walk Hooch (remember, I'm stuck at the hospital overnight) and was looking through an old box of photos. Why? Because I have no life. Therefore, I have no pictures from this Halloween to post. I do, however, have pictures of the Halloween where Ruby and Jolene truly came into their own. Unfortunately, trash of that magnitude was not sober enough to keep track of a digital camera so I'll have to scan these in. If i'm as timely with this as I am with my xmas cards, consider this your Kwanzaa gift.

As I am ever so organized, I found some old girlscout badges among the photos. Hell, I think they're girl scout badges...those memories are either on dead brain cells (you'll be disappointed to learn that there is no badge for underaged drinking) or buried along with the memory of the time I had poison ivy all over my face for school picture day. (Kids can be so cruel.)

Here's what I found...

No recollection, whatsoever, what I did to earn these. All I remember about girlscouts is snack time and getting poison ivy every frickin' time we went camping. I tried looking these up on the website. No dice. There are all kinds of new things you can get badges for like "being high on life" and "cyberscout" (both of which I'm sure I would have failed). From what I can figure so far, the top one was for running away from home, the middle one was for following traffic rules when I hotwired that Gremlin (autotheft badge was missing), and the last is for either learning to play golf or beating up a bagpipe player (both worthy pursuits).

There are a couple others (one has something to do with pitching tents-I don't remember dating any boyscouts) I'll share at a later date. Meanwhile, I better answer that page...

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