Friday, November 04, 2005


Way too serious...

For those of you who don't know Mammoth, let me explain why i wait every day for a snow report. The Sierra Nevadas get a heavy snowfall every year. The problem is, no one can quite predict when itis going to happen, When I was dragged up there 4 years ago, there were 3 runs open and we all decided to party instead. This past year, I was heavily ensconced in the training of ortho residency when there was a late October snowfall (several feet!) but I really didn't have any time to spare. I called an old friend, blew off a weekend educational experience, and did a bar crawl up I-395. We had the best single day of snowboarding (nothing extreme, just uncrowded) I can remember until I wasn't paying attentiion...wiped out face first, saved my distal radii, and sacrificed my ribs... I spent the afternoon drinking irish coffees and taking 800mg motrin. It was all worth it...

I keep hoping Mammoth will storm before I'm forced to leave.

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