Sunday, November 06, 2005


No Talent Required

For years, I've sat around thinking of awesome band names. Well, I don't actually sit around with this purpose. But in lectures or presentations (you know those really painful ones where shoving a pencil in your eye would at least distract you enough to stay awake) when a particularly amusing phrase comes up, it could either be a t-shirt or a band name.

Don't let this confuse you and think I have any musical talent to back this up. I never got past the recorder in grade school. I sang in choir for years. Unfortunately, I sang tenor and was the ridiculous curly headed blonde in a magenta dress (uniform - not a personal fashion statement) on the half of the risers filled with pimply faced boys in navy blue jackets. You can bet my mama was proud.

It doesn't seem like talent is what it's all about these days, anyway. It's all in the presentation and marketing. My friend Ruby (remember, that's her trailer trash codename) and I once decided we were gonna be a rap group and couldn't decide between "Salt and Salt" or "SPF 15". A guy I work with wants me to be the angry fronthowler for a band called "Don't call me Sammy!" I always thought a punk rock band that did covers of well known polka tunes could be a cult classic. Any name suggestions for that one?

What sparked all this? Oh, I was cleaning off my desk at work (I'm on call today) and found some scraps from meetings with potential bands names on them. Couldn't figure out what to do with them so thought I'd inflict them on you...

1. Not Necessarily Tools
2. Full Shot 32
3. Cement Kills
4. Corona Mortis

As you can see, I'm easily amused. More to follow.

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