Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Medical Lampoon: Road Trip (Flashback)

The day before I was to leave San Diego, we had a particularly busy clinic day. I left clinic and returned to my office to pack up the books and files I’d need for the next three months. Several friends had offered to take me out to dinner and Hooch (the needy but beautiful boxer mix) needed some attention. Unfortunately, the last several weeks had been particularly stressful. And apparently it was more stressful than I realized. I underwent the kind of decompensation I used to undergo when I came home from college on Xmas break. The completely overwhelming-ness of everything I’d been blowing off finally settled in and I was exhausted, nauseated, and headachey.

The one decision I had made was to leave Hooch in San Diego. And this is where we introduce a new character to our story – Rock-n-Roll- or R-n-R. R-n-R is an ex-boyfriend from way back. We met in Philly while I was in medical school. We call him R-n-R because when I met him, he was doing lights for rock bands. He has lots of tattoos including a full left arm sleeve, a large flaming sacred heart on his chest, and a heart tattoo that says “your mother”. Charming. I know.

I met R-n-R during my last year of medical school and fell instantly in lust/love. It was, perhaps, one of those true moments of opposites attract. It happened hard and fast – a few months later, we moved to San Diego together (more on that later – maybe). Once we got to San Diego, unfortunately, I assumed the life of a medical servant and R-n-R continued to party like a rock star. As you might imagine, things came to an appropriately dramatic end.

While it was a nasty breakup, we eventually became close again in a way that only people who’ve known each other at their best, worst, most creative, least attractive can. And our friendship has led to some interesting situations.

At any rate, the point is that R-n-R was in an untenable living situation and needed a place to stay. He’d met Hooch. Hooch loves spending time with him. Being a rescue puppy, I was concerned that a new apartment, a new dogwalker, and long hours might mess with his head. It seemed we had a win-win situation…

p.s. Here is a picture from the day I left of Ruby and I trying to look superglamorousthin in our Olsen Twins commemorative sunglasses...

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