Saturday, November 12, 2005


Kiddy Casino

AH, the much promised Chuck E. Cheesey post. Let me just say that the Chuckster's palace has changed alot since the last time I was there. For instance, when you walk in with children, they stamp your hand so you can only leave with the same children. What if you want to leave without them? Also, there is no more crazy ball thing to dive into. I asked why, and one of the attendant parents said it had to do with hygiene. Apparently, children had been pissing and vomiting in there and it became a health hazard. Altogether now - EW! Chuck's is now one giant arcade with ride and payouts. Yes, payouts. If a child wins a game (for which he has paid a token to play) he gets a/some tickets which can be traded in for much coveted but completely worthless crap. This is where my casino comparison comes in...

Some games, no matter what you do, you get a single ticket. Well, on another game, I had my friends 5yo with me and in one fell swoop we got over 100 tickets. You then take said tickets to the "ticket eater" to exchange them for a voucher. As I fed the tickets in, this five year olds hands were shaking as if i was holding his next fix of heroin. After we got our voucher, we ran back to the same game and plugged token after token in - never again did we win so many. There were bright lights, there was competition with the promise of payout, there was a robotic floorshow...can anybody else channel Vegas here?

When it was time for the actual birthday girl celebration, the rat (not the first rat I've met with Ruby -more on that later) came out in person and sang Happy Birthday. Just to prove it, I will post one of the worst pictures of me ever. Seriously...mugshots often come out more attractive...

After they finished singing, they threw a bunch of prize tickets up in the air. Once again, it was if fixes were raining from heaven. These kids were on their hands and knees scrabbling for a ticket that wouldn't even buy them a livestrong bracelet.

All in all, however, Squirrel Nuts had a good night. She ate crappy pizza, danced with the rat, and got some messy presents that will haunt her parents for years to come. Someone bless the Chuckster.

Yeah, I've never understood why adults think dressing a 6 foot person in a rat costume would be appealing to children...but it must be.
Great picture, by the way!!
Ok...what's up with the "word verification" when you leave a comment. Am I buying fucking tickets from ticketmaster here or something? I'm not complaining but I'm really trying to figure out what the point of that is...are they verifying that yes, I did indeed type a comment and to prove it I will type in a random word that is listed...? Bizarre...
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