Thursday, November 17, 2005


Karaoke, anyone?

Well, this audience participation thing is so not working. Think I'll just stick with random thoughts and updates for my internet shy friends (you uncreative bitches).

I'm leaving tomorrow morning to drive north on I-5. If I hit Canada, I've gone too far. Thus begins a three month tour (a three month tour - please sing to tune of Gilligan's Island theme song) of Seattle. I'm going up there to do some orthopaedic trauma training. While I'm there, I hope to get to sit in on at least one "Salon of Shame" (see for description), have the 6-course hedonists breakfast at the Snoqualamie Lodge (backdrop/waterfall scene from Twin Peaks), and do some cool surgeries. I'll take pictures on the goal is to forget my digital camera and do an entire travelogue with disposable cameras from gas station convenience stores (Hey, you gotta have goals).

My other creative goal is to have various strangers "crush the Space Needle". You see, Von Kranki (at has "Crush Your Cat's Head" Friday. As she is in Canada, this got me thinking about old "kids in the Hall" skits - in particular, the one where the guy holds his thumb up, closes one eye and goes "I can't see you" or squeezes his fingers together while squinting to "crush your head". Last time I was in Seattle, I was with ah-sweep-ay and made him pose while crushing the space needle. He was such a humorless, tightass at the time that he looks as if he is simultaneously passing a kidney stone. Anyway, I'm hoping random strangers will see the fun. Then I'll share. Unless I can't see you... (i'm squinting)

And yes, once I figure out how to photoshop a giant yellow smiley face onto his body, I will post the original picture as the first in the series.
Can't wait for ah-sweep-ay pic. And gret idea about crush the space needle! And yes, at least once while you're in Seattle you need to eat at The Crap Pot on pier 57. No plates and you get to eat with your hands. Huzzah!
Hanni-The "Crap" Pot? You make it sound so appetizing. Or was that a typo?
Haha. oh my God. I meant Crab Pot.
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