Thursday, November 24, 2005


"I'm going nowhere..."

"...but at least I know the way" -Jason and the Scorchers

So I made it to Seattle Sunday night after a glass half full kinda road trip (crappy first day sitting in LA traffic, beautiful second day driving through way north Northern California, and a so-so third day of stunning views, blinding fog, and road construction). Why half full when I'm usually so one and one-half empty? Because I love a road trip. I have so much to share...
-the thrill of going 40 mph through LA
-the Motel 6 that time forgot
-Stampy's guide to motel etiquette (with a special chapter for skeevy men)
-Mt. Shasta
-Fun in Oregon
-How your parents can still embarass you when you're over 30 and successful
(and this time, it wasn't my parents)
-Dangerous things I have done while driving
-World's Dumbest Song Lyrics
-My secret tips on how to pick the winning racehorse (just kidding)
-The beautiful view from my apartment window
Unfortunately, I have no internet access in the apartment where I am staying here, I'm on call twice this week (including tonight), and am getting my lazy ass handed to me. Happy Thanksgiving!

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