Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Help me!

I'm afraid i've already proved myself a computer moron. Can't figure out how to post picture. Registered with that "photobot" thing (do bullets fire out of its jock) but was never given option to uploadl. Does this system work for macs? I have a powerbook. Why am i so hopeless? Did I mention that I've had three irons shoot flames out the water spout, two toasters explode, and a coffee maker just refuse to produce ( I still think that one was spite)? Negative ion girl, indeed.

Use Flickr instead and it's real easy. You just copy the link from the flickr image into the upload a photo dealio and it will load up.

It's easy. Not sure about photobot.
Thanks. I'll give it a try. I promise not to ask too many stupid computer questions. I do have a favor, however. How bout a picture of Dory with a tinfoil helmet on her head. Perhaps it's the aliens making her drink.
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