Friday, November 11, 2005



This post is in response to the one Hanni posted today about her vegetable and fruit loving felines (check it out at I've stated before that i have one weird dog. In the past, his petty larcenies have usually involved loaves of bread (one night i woke up with a half eaten baguette on my pillow) or my shoes (little bastard - fortunately, they've all been out of style shoes that i've had a soft spot for. Is my dog a secret agent for the fashion police?) But tonight, it's as if he's been surfing the internet right along with me.

I have a big licensing exam I have to sit for tomorrow and stopped by Whole Foods to buy some snacks. I decided to treat myself to an asian pear. I've never been quite sure what this is. The first time I tasted it, my mind screamed "abomination of nature" - part pear, part apple, part weird. But my tastebuds screams yummy and expensive. Keep buying. When I came home, I hid all the puppy temptors (i.e. bread, cheese, plastic wrap) but left the asian pear sitting on the table. An hour later, i looked up from studying and saw this...

The furry little miscreant ate it core and all. Here are his mugshots which I will be saving should he ever eat a shoe which is actually still in style...

Doesn't he look guilty as all hell. He wouldn't even look at the camera. Just be warned Hooch - stay away from my organic produce or I will tell the internet that you pee like a girl.

He is gorgeous. Look and those jowls! I love it.
Asian pears huh? He must have exquisite taste (barring the fact that he ate your frumpy shoes)

What is your Gorgeous George's name?
His name is Hooch, but Ruby keeps saying all my dogs should be named "Not-so" - as in "not-so smart, not-so bright, not-so good". The last dog (an wolfsized lab) was named Willy. But he got into so much trouble we started calling him "Whaddidee" as in "What did he do this time?" But with sweet faces like that, you gotta love 'em.
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